Project GCCOTE is the banner project of Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International, which stands for Gospel, Church Center, Operation Tulong, Education.

We believe that only the Gospel can completely influence and transform the lives of many people. From the time the church was established, it has been our primary aim to spread the true and complete Gospel throughout the country and all over the world. The Gospel which we received, through which we firmly stand and by which we are saved is based on I Corinthians 15: 1—4 and Acts 2:38. The Gospel states that Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and has resurrected on the third day. The fulfillment of this Gospel paved the only way towards salvation. And the key to salvation is to repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins; and to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Like what the apostles did, it is our goal to continue telling the world about the true Gospel and its fulfillment. By spreading the Gospel, people will be saved and will remain in faith. Through this project, the church can reach its full potential in proclaiming what God has given to the world at no cost to us – salvation and an eternal life. It will then just be a matter of claiming this free gift by believing the Gospel and fulfilling it in our lives.

Church Center:
The mission house where the first Sunday service of the church was held, started only with one hundred twenty (120) members as compared to an average of seven thousand (7,000) church goers to date. With the grace of God, the church continued to expand and extend its wings throughout the planet.
For over 21 years, the mission house is being utilized as a venue for prayer meetings, church events, worship team rehearsals and various church functions. It also serves as the church office where a systemized church administration is being maintained. The mission house also stands as the home to our fulltime workers. With the increasing number of church members and extension churches, the place is slowly reaching its maximum capacity, making the area inadequate to accommodate all church functions. Furthermore, it is now showing signs of structural fatigue considering the many floods that submerged the place.
Because of these restrictions, training schedules are being squeezed in a few minutes before Sunday Services in Cuneta Astrodome instead of holding them within the confines of the mission house, resulting to lesser number of future workers who will help in spreading the Gospel.
With a decent and upgraded church center, the church can offer a better and a more organized administration to support church operations. This way, the church can fully initiate programs and events that aim to reach out to more people. We then can envision more lives being brought to Christ.

Operation Tulong:
It is our passion to help our brethren through sharing our material blessings. Every year, we are exerting a great deal of effort in raising money for our less fortunate brethren. Amidst the economic crisis that the country is facing, we intend to ease difficulties — be it hunger, sickness, calamity or death in the family, the aim is to help them feel the dignity and birthright as children of God.
Medical and dental missions are also facilitated through the fund raised from Operation Tulong. We want to augment our financial requirements to meet their healthcare needs. In the meantime, this can only be done through our sponsors considering that the church has yet to build an institutionalized financial support.

Education and learning is considerably important to each and every one of us. This is where we develop our values in life. Aside from the soul-satisfying teachings from Sunday Services, General Bible Studies and Home Bible Studies, we believe that this project can further help the church in molding and nurturing people to have a mature and effective Christian living. We recognize the need for formal education based on age group to further equip the mind with the Word of God and to train them as future workers of the church. Additionally, through Education, the overall well-being of an individual is enhanced.