A quick run-through of the Center’s Launching and Thanksgiving Ceremony

Ten months after its groundbreaking ceremony, the Church Center is now officially on its feet.  The Church Center’s launching, dedication and thanksgiving ceremony was held last February 1, 2010 and the meat of the program was conducted at the Church Center’s Gilgal room.  The attendees were the Ambassadors for Christ, Church Senior Pastors, leaders and full-time workers.  Invited guests to witness the event were Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, Barangay Chairman Richard Yu and Philippine National Red Cross Governor, Ms. Wilma Sarino.

The dedication began with a ribbon cutting ceremony at the main entrance, followed by a short but meaningful program.  Ribbon cutting on the various areas of the Church Center was extraordinarily done as Bishop Luis R. Santos led offertory prayers per area to ensure God’s protection and preservation.  The roster for the ribbon cutting ceremony includes Bishop Luis R. Santos, Pastora Norma Santos, Administrator Leslie Santos, Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista, Ms. Wilma Sarino, Barangay Chairman Richard Yu, Sis. Marlyn Ong, Bro. Edsel and Sis. Debbie Rimando, Sis. Rosa Ladaran, Bro. Rudy Yumang and Bro. Bob Kholoma.  The program was sealed off with a thanksgiving dinner buffet prepared at the rooftop where guests enjoyed the luscious food while live acoustic music filled the air.

An embellishment to look forward to in our Church Center is the St. Louie’s Park Café-Restaurant which will commence construction on May, 2010.  Series of trainings and seminars for the Service and Operations Group are now lined-up to be held at the Café for the succeeding months.