St. Louie’s Park Café-Restaurant (SLP) was conceptualized by businesswomen siblings Leslie and Weily in the first quarter of 2009, during the time when both decided to separately embrace the “course that life takes”. Leslie went to London while Weily decided to finally embark on her true passion for food, instead of pursuing a career based on her finished course of Business Management. Weily had just finished her culinary course at International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management (ISCAHM) and had started to explore a career out of it, including being employed as a cook staff of a cruise ship and taking in several catering engagements when by some spinning of threads, the siblings toyed with the idea of being reunited in the Philippines upon their father, Bishop Louie Santos’ wishes. Amidst the religious project of putting up a Church Center, there evolved the dream to put up a coffee shop following the ambiance and culture of London café’s which provided the soothing escape for Leslie’s misadventures in UK. In January 12, 2011, with the female Santos siblings’ joint passion, sentiments and expertise, SLP had immediately become a popular niche initially for church goers. The usual plain and simple church functions and activities were flavored with the cozy and nostalgic ambiance of the coffee shop. Atop the Church Center, closer to the clouds and overseeing the vast Quezon City Area is this secret haven, too sweet not to be heard of by non-church members through word of mouth. This haven was welcomingly invaded for leisurely doses of coffee products, from Brewed to Lattes and Cappuccinos. Patrons then found out that they also cannot resist the tasteful sandwiches, pastas and pastries. The crowd’s favorites are the SLP Pasta and a delish sandwich named “Manna”. Soon, many businessmen and professionals held meetings and events in the place. Not long after, birthday parties, debuts, wedding receptions and all kinds of occasions have become regulars at SLP.

Without conscious effort, the coffee shop was reinvented to accommodate all themes, its bricks and walls have become a fairy tale escape from the crowded city. To date, SLP can house as many as 150 people with its diverse but intimate areas namely, the air-conditioned coffee shop, the open-air veranda connecting to the bricked musical stage and the unanimous favorite — its highest peak, the spacious plaza situated above the roof top café-restaurant.

SLP is fast becoming amazing in its scope, providing a posh yet not superficial elegance, serving Euro-Asian cuisine in both the Café-Restaurant and its Catering Services. The SLP Kiosk, on the other hand, is the café-restaurant’s spin-off, serving sensational finger foods and is now a popular attraction to the vast majority being SLP’s official representative to WorldTradeCenter and Mercato exhibits.

Behind this identity is a surprising fact. SLP is a non-profit organization which was put up to wholly finance the Church’s outreach projects, such as feeding, clothing and educating less fortunate children and elderly, improving the homes of the poor and imparting joy to lonely souls.

St. Louie’s Park Café-Restaurant and Catering Services will forever live up to its name. Patronizing SLP will not just satisfy your cravings, it will also improve and save lives through its underlying inspiration, that is, to remain as the financial institution behind Project G-CCOTE.

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